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Once upon a time ;), on a crisp autumn day in the bustling heart of the studio, the team at TEG Media gathered around the conference table. A hush fell over the room, interrupted only by the sound of the coffee machine in the background. Our mission was clear: find the elusive “brand voice” for our latest client.

A brand voice isn’t just words and phrases; it’s the embodiment of the brand’s values, ethos, and spirit. The first step is the foundational research, the equivalent of treasure hunting in the marketing world. After all, how can you communicate on behalf of a brand if you don’t know it inside out?

We pour over industry reports, scrutinise customer reviews, and delved deep into the brand’s history. Understanding your market and target audience is crucial; it provides the setting of the stage where the brand’s voice will perform.

Once the research is in place, we feel like archaeologists uncovering an ancient script. We start jotting down adjectives that encapsulated the brand’s essence. Was the brand youthful and exuberant, or mature and refined? Did it speak in short, catchy sentences, or was its language flowery and verbose?

Creating a style guide served as our Rosetta Stone, translating the brand’s identity into a language we could all understand and follow. Our experience dictates that a style guide is crucial in maintaining brand consistency.

Next up is crafting the content, which is where the magic really happens. At TEG Media, we believe in storytelling because a good story stays with you. We avoid generic corporate-speak and empty platitudes. Instead, we weave the brand’s key messages into narratives, using real-world examples and relatable scenarios.

The Content Marketing Institute repeatedly emphasises the importance of storytelling in content creation which, we all agree with. However, content is only effective if it reaches the right audience. So we map out a distribution strategy, identifying the platforms where the brand’s voice would be most welcome.

Whether it’s press articles, blog posts, social media updates, or YouTube videos, each piece of content has to be tailored to suit the medium yet maintain the consistency of the brand voice. The fruits of our labour will be clear to see. The client’s online engagement will soar, and the newfound brand voice will resonate with the audience. It will be a harmonious match, like the final puzzle piece clicking into place.

Finding a brand voice and presenting content on its behalf is an intricate ballet, a delicate balance between strategy and creativity. And every time we embark on this journey at TEG Media, we’re reminded of the magic that ensues when a brand finds its true voice.

So, if you’re struggling to find your brand voice or looking for ways to showcase it effectively, remember that it’s a journey worth embarking upon. It’s not just about selling a product or service; it’s about creating a legacy and forming connections that last a lifetime. And as they say in the theatre, once you find your voice, the world will be your stage.

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